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jkulbeth wrote:
Howdy folks!

I've got just over 126,000 miles on my 2000 SE. Bought it with about 124,000 in October last year and the weather is now decent enough get back on it. Now, if the tornado's and rain would break for a little while.


Since owning it, it has occasionally popped out of first and into neutral when accelerating. It's not an 'always' event, but it happens enough to cause worry. A typical situation is starting from a dead-stop headed up a hill. Release the clutch to bite, ease on the throttle, under motion - feet up - accelerating ... then it jumps into neutral. When it happens (which isn't often) there is no warning, so it's a little startling. The neutral light will be on, so I grab the clutch, go for second and pick up where it left off. Aside from this she shifts fine in all gears, including into neutral when I'm looking for neutral.

It did this before the oil change, and it still does it after. Shell Rotella T6, or whatever the one is that replaced the blue jug variety. It does shift noticely smoother with the Rotella, but it hasn't caused the problem to get better or worse.

Any thoughts or ideas?


Welcome to the board neighbor. From what I've read and heard about, this is a common problem on the 1500's. Often it's a result of not quite having it in full gear. I'm also a Rotella fan, and I use WalMart Supertech filters.

We need to meet up at Andy's Custard sometime.

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