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I was crawling around installing my spiffy new Motorcycle Larry's rear "Tip-Over" bars (I know, I know.... rear crash bars come standard on Goldwings.....!) on my ST1300, when I spied what you see below on my rear Michelin Pilot Road 2 with 8,995 miles under its belts.......

Oh, no! Tire is trash! Unrideable! Wait a minute.... one bike, the KLR, sits in the laundry room waiting for a repaired camshaft cap...Unrideable! The ST1300 sits under my porch with a hole in the tire....Unrideable! Suddenly, unfathomably, I am motorcycleless in Ellensburg! Panic! Hallllpppp!

(On a serious note: I found this by accident. I knew the tires were getting there, but I wanted another 1000-2000 miles out of them. When am I gonna learn that what I want doesn't matter! This happened to me once before on our second Alaskan trip. I knew the rear on our '96 Aspie was getting thin, but I didn't want to pay Anchorage prices for new rubber....decided to ride it home. The morning after we finally got home, I went out and nearly died of a stuttering heart! There was an 1.25" strip of bare cord nearly all around the tire! The day before I had been doing eighty to eighty five on it, two-up.....dumb luck in action. Check your tires, people, every day......)
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