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BustedKnuckle wrote:
CJ, good to see you use *all* your tire

Is that the kind of mileage you typically get from the rear rubber on your ST?
Yeah, I'm afraid so... when I went from our totalled 1500 to the ST, I was kind of excited because the tires seemed a bit less expensive. But they are turning out to be more expensive because you go through more of them. I've got 16,700 miles on my bike; OEM tires lasted 7,800 or so, and now I need a new rear....but the front looks like it can go another 1-2K. An ST site I visit says 8k to 11K is about the most you can expect.... I do a lot of two-up with campgear on the bike, long and hot distances, so I guess 9K is about it.

This Michelin Pilot Road 2 on the bike is interesting: they handle beautifully, especially in the rain, and are of a "two composition" make up, harder in the middle and softer on the "cornering" sides..... if you look at the photo carefully, you can see the middle held up pretty good, but the sides are definitely hammered... gotta find me some straighter roads, I guess!

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