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Vehicle Name GL1500 Interstate
Year 1991
Make Honda
Model GoldWing
Color Beige - Cinnamon
1991 Honda GoldWing
History Front tire, Battlax 130/70-18
Had a flat and didn't know it. Steering felt hard for 20 miles otherwise it road fine. Rode 70 miles back home while flat. Found a tiny screw in the tread middle, plugged it. Tire lasted another 15K with no adverse effects.
Out of shear curiosity I retested that Battlax while flat. It ran normal up to 75 mph and did not wobble or heat up as you'd expect. "To me", that makes it a tested Run-Flat tire. DON'T believe what jobe5 says, I DON'T take kindly to be called a liar, HE WAS NOT THERE TO WITNESS IT.

10% ethanol, Best average mpg's I can get, 2-up 41'ish mpg. Regular gas, 2-up (2 different days) obtained just short of 51 mpg's twice.

Changed at 121K. Old one's were OEM and still looked new. Changed anyway.

Trailer hauling:
"Gross wt.". Once 1575#, 1500# twice, 1350# several times and the Wing's drive-train is still OEM including the clutch. Currently (Oct-2014) at 165K.
Delivered my sold '83 Wing and hauled it 178 miles behind my '91 Wing. NOT A WOBBLE even at 70 mph. But I won't do that again, slower sure.

Whenever I test 'X', I don't need to retest what's been tested. I'll test what has not, HENCE my, seemingly odd, postings. Is it too much of you to simply ASK?
shocks? yah, a few.
Why they're allowed to stay,... i JUST don't know.

Wheels and Tires
Austone, looks like I'll get 80-82K.
Currently, 42K and 1/2 tread left.

#1 Battlax 130/70-18, 24K (cupped).
#2 Battlax 130/80-18, hope'n better than 35K
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