1986 Honda gl1200
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Vehicle Name
Year 1986
Make Honda
Model gl1200
1986 Honda gl1200
History Got this bike after I overheated my first one then I proceeded to readjust the timing so everything banged together.... We live and learn.

Blew the head gasket after about 1000mi. Found out previous owner took her to a shop for service and they broke the spark plug off had to pull the head to get it out and didn't torque correctly.
Retorqued new head gaskets 5/2013

some smoke on start up not sure oil or water time will tell (Smoke was oil over full) 5/13 Was oil over filled gas was leaking through added a solenoid now no smoke at all.

I would like to modify trunk so it can hold more weight with out cracking.

Rebuilt dash with a soldering iron and acetone 4/2013

vacuumed out a mouse nest from inside the fairing. 4/2013 added mouse poison.

Changed final drive and put an oil seal on the drive shaft and clean oil with a little sea foam Used moly 60 for my grease on all metal to metal contacts 5/14/2013 mileage 86346.9

Replaced coolant overflow line and filled with coolant also a new radiator cap after market 5/15/2013 mileage 86346.9

2 sets of head gaskets

New water pump 5/2013

Changed oil and filter delo 400 blue jug and oem filter about $24 oil change 5/15/2013 mileage 86346.9

Replaced 9 friction plates 2014 changed oil

Front forks seal is leaking.

Greased up all the brake pivots and slides front and rear. 5/14/2013

Needs dust boots about $70 worth---------

Changed all the brake fluid and cleaned all the master cylinders including the clutch. 5/2013

Used lemon pledge on her today for the first time I like it makes her look good. 5/15/2013

New fork bushings & seals all new dust boots 1/2014

Front and rear calipers rebuilt with all new rubber to the master cylinder Reused original brake lines Clutch and slave also 1/2014

Cleaned starter and frame ground 1/2014

Added computer fan to rec/reg 1/2014

Wheels and Tires
New tires rear Michelin commander II, front Bridgestone spitfire. 5/14/2013 mileage 86346.9

Noticeable cupping on the Michelin commander II at 3,507.8 Still grips the road maybe even better than before. The front looks good 5/8/2014

fixed dash installed radio looks and sounds good 4/2013
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