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Wes's GL1100 Alternator Conversion
Putting an alternator on a GL1100
Alternator conversion complete. No plastic had to be cut.
Alt Pix 2
Alt Pix 1
Plate for moving the cvr bolt over one inch.
Bolt fits cover.
I used the cover bolt to mount this plate. Cut it above the ridge.
Plate attached permanently for the cvr bolt to be moved over 1 inch to miss the pulley.
Unplug regulator plug and leave it.
Radiator return and 1"spacer with gaskets.
Lower rad hose.
Really tight fit.
Alt in place.
It is a tight fit but doable.
View of alt in place, Notice the left side is the lower brkt for the alt. and I cutq too much heat shield away.
Radiator in place.
Regulator and stator plug-Just unplug it and leave it. If for some reason the alternator dies you can just plug this back in to get home.
Do not forget to unplug the 8 wire plug. 
I used the black wire of the female side of the plug for the tickle  wire to the alternator
New position for rad fan.
Cut up rad shroud. Blades hacked.
Fan shroud cut around the rad neck. I cut too much off the right.
Fan moved, shroud cut up, and blades chopped to clear the top of rad.
Spacer and bolt for the lower radiator.
The lower faring brkt. 
Spacer for bottom of the radiator
One inch adapter on the water housing.
Lower radiator hose spacing.  The one inch adapter makes the rad hose really short.
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