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  • VLM ·

    I'm in Brisbane but no longer ride due to a work accident. My Dad (whose membership I'm using to write this) still has a 1500 Wing and a DN01.

    Don't worry, there are some weirdos on here but the tech section has valuable information. I ended up moving to a UK forum only because I was invited by one of the friends I made here.

    Catch you later mate

    Lloyd :smile2:
    VLM ·
    Hi Aussiegold
    I have just read with interest the conversation between you and AZGL1800 one of the mods.

    I used to be a member here under a different username but I am using my father's membership to contact you. It has been ages since I visited and I see nothing has changed much.

    I joined back in 2009 when the forum was under Irish ownership and it was brilliant. All of us members were good friends but as the forum grew large and it was sold to Canadian interests, it went downhill quickly (in my humble opinion). I saw your response about leaving lunatics in charge of the asylum to Captain Midnight's weird post. Your post made me laugh.

    Just as well we Aussies are normal.

    I have to split this message in two because it's too long it says :lash:
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