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  • Erdeniz Umman ·
    Your welcome.
    Actually there may be a lot of reasons causing the voltage drop on the ignition circuit. Loose or corroded contacts, weakened copper wire (they are loosing their diameter as they get older), dirty switches etc.
    With this modification you will not need to deal with the cause of the problem.
    Of course if you have time, skill and equipment to find and fix the problem it is always better.
    Signdude8771 ·
    Thank you sir for your initial "reposting" of this problem/solution back in April of 2016. I've been searching, as well as this forum for both the cause and possible cure for my problem since late April this year.

    Though my mechanic won't be able to give your suggestion a try until the weekend, I am finally optimistic about the prospect of a solution to my problem of difficulty restarting my bike after a ride.

    Thank you so much for renewing this thread. I only found out that just "bumping" the starter switch would start my bike anytime the bike was warm because of my misunderstanding of the term "bump starting" in another members post. :)

    Were it not for your repost, I would still be looking for the cause.

    Again, many thanks for your posts.

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