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  • Stephen2017 ·
    Hi Kyle,

    New on this forum and Im looking to buy a Goldwing in the under 5,000 neighborhood. I am told you may have already done some research in this area.
    Like to hear what you found.

    Horsetradr ·
    Hey my friend trying to do this while bouncing d own the road in this truck haha ..Cass Winn is our home it's just a name we gave it..But you all are more then welcome to come and visit and relax if you like it's nothing special just peaceful...Take care and I'm sure we will talk again before July..David
    Kyle ·
    Why thanks fella. Still not used to all the treats and tricks on the forum, a little late finding this one. Thought I'm supposd to get flagged with an e-mail for these? We gonna see you in Simcoe bud? How about the rest of the Rhino's?
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