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  1. “Handling” Problem - GL1000

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    No it couldn't
  2. Carb Synch?

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    Sorry AZ you are incorrect.
  3. Carb Synch?

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    My GL1500 has 150,000 miles on it and I've never touched the carbs. Runs great
  4. stator

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    Have you actually tested your stator. Melted connectors are common in the charging circuit. I think a lot of good stators are chucked because there's something else wrong.
  5. Carb kit GL1000

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    See if you can borrow Randakk's video from someone. It's good. If you do buy a kit, work nights and get Randakk's. Well worth the money.
  6. Eng rattle on my 94 gl 1500

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    Sure sounds like pre-ignition from your description of symptoms. If the timing hasn't been messed with, I wonder if you have some carbon buildup on the pistons. Squirting water in the intake while the engine is running could help it. Also some techron in the tank for a while might help.
  7. Motorcycle Camara

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    I've had 2 dash cams. Both were junk. It took me a while to get through the Chinese-English on how to work them and then they went ****-up. I'd sure like to have a working dash-cam. Those bastards in cars are definitely trying to kill me and if one does, I'd like him to do prison time. A...
  8. Cooling fan running too much

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    The OEM switch seems to cause problems sometimes. Mine would come on at more or less the right temp but then stay on. I disassembled and cleaned it to no avail. Then I replaced it with an automotive switch and matching connector. I wired in a relay for it too. It works fine and a replacement is...
  9. You Gotta Read This.

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    How would coolant level have anything to do with it?
  10. You Gotta Read This.

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    I don't know how similar your '95 is to my '99 but I've had run/quit/run symptoms before. First one was caused by a disintegrated Emgo fuel filter. Second was a bad fuel pump. Third was a bad petcock. All three would cause intermittent failure.
  11. chatter box

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    I've found them on ebay
  12. Parasitic power draw from Fuse 13.

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    I have 6 deltrans and a diehard (s/b renamed dieeasy). I thought Deltran was the 'battery tender' brand. Can't find anything different with google
  13. No Neutral light No starting

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    Been riding Hondas since 1967. Last year on a trip far from home, stopped for a break, bike did what you describe (except for the neutral light). After 2 hours of disassembly, frantic phone calls etc., noticed the kill button was on. Now that's the first thing I check. I'm not sure where your...
  14. Parasitic power draw from Fuse 13.

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    What cihilb said. I've had more than one Deltran Junior maintainer go bad. As stated earlier, there is a small draw to keep the dash alive. You need to measure the amperage draw. Pull the fuse, put an ammeter across the 2 terminals where the fuse goes. Should only be a small amount - maybe 50 ma...
  15. G1500 tires?

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    When I bought my GL1500 used it had Dunlop E2s on it. I've used E3s and my last replacement on the front is an E4. My last rear tire lasted 30,000 miles. I see no reason to change. True these tires whine when you lean the bike but so do millenials when they have an outdated iPhone. The whine...