Scam e-mails.


These are some examples of e-mails that were sent to people who advertised goods for sale. Some of them were sent to folks who advertised on my humble homepage, and some from advertisements on other motorcycle web sites. The scammers target for sale pages all over the web, even folks who advertise on EBay are targeted. Most of the messages below contain very bad English, but there are probably people who may fall for them anyway. A fool is easily parted from his cash, bad English e-mails or not.
Mr. Willy Dong (or a similarly imaginative thought up name) will send you an e-mail telling you he would like to buy the 100 saddle you advertised and would like to send you a cashiers check for 7,000, and would you please give the 6,900 change in cash to the shipping agent that will collect the saddle. The cashiers check is of course forged. Another variation is to send you the 7,000 cashiers check up front (before you ship the saddle), and the cashiers check will be initially credited as an uncleared sum to your bank account when you lodge it. It takes up to several weeks for final clearance of a cashiers check from overseas and in the meantime Mr. Dong will e-mail or telephone you and say that his motorcycle went up in flames and he no longer needs the saddle, and would you mind sending him a cashiers check for the full amount, minus perhaps 100 for your inconvenience. You will of course want to do the right thing for this guy and will rush out to the bank and get the check (after all your account has been credited with the 7,000) and post it off to Nigeria (or anywhere else that these scumbags operate from). A week or so later, your bank will contact you to inform you that the initial 7,000 cashiers check you lodged is a forged one and it has just come to light and of course they have just debited 7,000 from your account! You have no recourse here as the banks all have themselves covered by comprehensive paperwork and small print. Anyway, some actual real examples below, warts, bad spelling and formatting included. I've also included the e-mail addresses used by these scumbags (where they have been supplied), although they have probably been suspended by now. I will add more as they are brought to my attention.




Good to hear from you and thanks for the mail. My client who said he'sinterested in your vehicle has promised to be buying it and will be issuing an Euro Bank cheque of 10,000 Euros and you deduct the amount of your vehicle which is 5500 Euros after which you will send the difference via westernunion money transfer to my Personal Assistant here in Africa to settle our shipper to book us for their cargo, come over to your place to pick the vehicle up and get it transported to the Africa. To bring to your attention,It only takes (24HRS or 2 DAYS) for an Euro Bank's cheque to get cash in the Europe,so i will like you to get the bank cheque cashed the same day or the next day it's presented on the counter and i will also like to know if i can count on you to send the difference of the Bank cheque to my Personal Assistant as soon as the Bank cheque get to you .To make things fast and convenientfor the both of us,i will like you to give me the
exact name you want on the Bank cheque.....Your mailing address.(Street,City,State,postal code and country) and your Phone # so i can forward it to my associateand he could start with the procurement of the Bank cheque and won't mind to engage in a long lasting bussiness relationship with you .
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,
[email protected]

Dear Seller,
 I 'm interested in purchasing your advertised GL1200 & GL1000 and i will like to know the price if is okay by me. if I can pay with a cheque drawn from a euro bank If this is okay with you do get back to me immediately for me to arrange the payment. Concerning the shippment, my shipper will come and pick it up from your location as soon as we seal this transaction. Do get back to me immediately with your Full Name, Contact Address and Phone Number for me to instruct my client to make the payment ASAP. Hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,
Amanda Hopp. [email protected]

I saw your advert via the internet on your bike because i am highly interested in it so i decided to contact you via email don't worry about the shipping because i will be responsible for the shipping of the product i have a company that deal with save shipping.i will like to know the last price offer for this product.i will also like to know if you accept a cashier cheque.i have a shipper that does my shippment,after we would have completed our transaction my shipper will come to your location for the pickup of my good so kindly lets me know your last price offer so as to make my payment fast . hope to hear from you looking forward to receiving your reply.
best regards,
marck [email protected]

How are you doing today, my name is Chris Lewis from USA.I am sales manager of my enterprise. we deal in the sale of Musical instrument and general machandise. I would love to purchase your(FP8 Digital Piano)for 625 .I will make adequate arrangement as regards shipping to my location in Sweden,cos i've a reputable private shipping company based in USA as well.They have always been in charge of the pick up of all my goods (They have been so striaght forward and delligent in picking up of goods for me) .With due respect you can as well have the director of the shipping agent emailed at([email protected]) speak to "Mr Steven Gester".if only you are also intrested in selling the FP8 Digital Piano,So i will be be very delightful if only you can accept my offer and payment will commence immediately,please mail me your contact info i.e (Name to be written on the certified check,Address and Telephone number) . Thanks. Best regards, Chris.L

i saw your advert on internet and am interested in buying your form( GL1500SE ) and i have a client who is owing me money .and i will call him to issue the check amount of (1,600 )and i want you not to worry about the shipping because i have my own shipping agent who will come to pick it you will help me send the excess money to them so they can come for the pick. if this is okay by you i want you to mail me back and tell me the actual price you want to sell it. i also want you to give me your address while you are replying mostimportant make sure you tell me the price only and your full nameincluding your phone number.hope to read from You..
razor, [email protected]

It sound so nice in going through various web-site,cos through the process of my searching i simply found the placement of your advert on a used bikes for sale web siteby you for 1,600  and i think i'm capable of the payment.So i'm mailing you to reach a good compromise on the procedure of my payment,so that I can have a store manager to issue a certified cashier's check or money order Drawn from US Bank for you in regards of the payment ,this was due to a cancellation of an order i just made with a store ealier in USA.More importantly I will make adequate arrangement as regards shipping to my location in England,cos i've an underground private shipping company based in England as well.They have always been in charge of the pick up of all my goods (They have been so striaght forward and delligent in picking up of goods fo r me) . With due respect you can as well have the director of the shipping agency emailed at([email protected]) speak to "Mr Steven Gester".if only you are also interested in selling used bike to me.So i will be be very delightful if only you can accept my offer and payment will commence immediately , please mail me
your contact info i.e (Name to be written on the money order or cert. cashier's check,Address and Telephone number) so that I can have the store
manager to issue a cashier's check or money order on your name asregards the payment.Attachment of the picture will be needed.
Mrs Racheal, racheal smith, [email protected]

Sir, i am willing to buy your Hondaline CBradio for $200. paying will be in the mode of a cashiers check. My client lives in Greta Britain and he will send you the cashiers check, which is in thi sum of $4900. I am willing to intreat the cashiers check to you as an honest soul and you will return the overpaid $4700 to the shipper when he picks up the Hondaline CBradio. Please send me your fulll name and contact telephone number and address please and we will do business soon I hope. God bless you. Alexander P. Rushton. [email protected]

My name is Brian Donaldson, i am an Goods buyer based in U.A.E,I have a customer interested in buying your GL1500SE for 15,500. i will like to know your final sale price and the present condition and the pics. Paymen will be by cashiers check and for 25,350 from a client and you will deduct the final price of the GL1500SE and give the balance oweing to the shipping agent when collecting the GL1500SE.Please let me hear from you... at your ealier convinient thnks,
Brian donaldson [email protected]

I want to buy theGL1200 for $3,500 .I would like to inform you once again that the mode of payment is going to be by  cashier check.
This check will be sent to you by my client who which is lives in the United state of America and he is owing me ($16,500) Dollars so I decided to use the money to buy the said item from you.Hope i can entrust the check in your hands as long as the check is cleared you are required to deduct the cost of your Glodwings GL1200, then send  the remaining balance of $13,000  to my shipper concerned for the pick up. To make this payment available to you, I will need the following information from you. Full Name, contact address  and  your phone number. With this information which of course I will forward to my client,the check will be made available
to you. As per the shipping,my frieght agent will come for the pick up but that will be after we both might have settle for the payment.
Best regards
james dong" [email protected]

Am Wolex,Am a International Business Man.Have been searching for the GL1500 alternator for sale for the past 2 weeks now pls do get  back to me with presend condition and last  offering fo  it.mode of payment will be cashier check I will take care of the shipping myself ok,I look forwards to Read from you soon.
Mr Wolex.........
Oluwole wolex [email protected]

Hi,Good day to you i saw GL1200 & GL1000 .thats for sale and i wished to purchase it ,I am okay with the price on it which is 80 but I have those that would shipp for me and sign all the paper and pay by cashiers check on my behalf .kindly mail me back quickly. I am waiting to hear from you so soon. steven sharon [email protected]