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  1. Transporting GL1800 and News
    Ask these people. Shipp
  2. A Mercedes motorcycle?

    General Motorcycle Discussion Forum
    I hope it doesn't give me nightmares.
  3. 1200 86 sei crash no start.. where to begin?

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    It has a tip over switch but it does not affect the start circuit. Is the neutral light on? Have you tried pulling in the clutch? Does the starter solenoid click or do you get nothing?
  4. Left Hand Controls Replacement

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    The procedure is simple enough the manual doesn't even give instructions. Follow the wiring to it's destination, remove appropriate plastics, disconnect wiring, remove the screws from the bottom of the switch assembly, reassemble in reverse order.
  5. Looking for the page that had a history of the Goldwing

    Community Help
    How about this one? There were other things but I can't remember what.
  6. Mighty Sight

    Miscellaneous Forum
    Is there a web site for those? I don't watch any regular TV. Sounds like they might be handy for working in dark places. Never mind, I see Wal Mart has them.
  7. Miserable Weather

    Miscellaneous Forum
    38 here and they are calling for snow but it's too warm for any hope of accumulation. I worked outside in short sleeves yesterday.
  8. Will not start

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    If it will burn run it, won't hurt anything but may not run right.
  9. Big brother?

    Miscellaneous Forum
    It's nobody's business but mine where I have been and where I am now & I seldom loose anything except things I have put away and can't remember where. If I can call 911 I can probably also turn location on.
  10. Big brother?

    Miscellaneous Forum
    I got an email this morning from google. It seems my location got turned on, probably automatically when I had to restart my phone. They gave me a report on everywhere I had been. Location got turned off immediately.
  11. Fin light

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    No, it's made by Stanley for Honda.
  12. 84' GL1200 engine rebuild

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    If the belts are trashed so is the engine At least pull the timing covers off and see if they are intact and look like they will hold a little longer before you turn the engine over, then change them before running.
  13. Internet ISP speed throttling

    Computer Talk
    My upload is pretty sad.
  14. Weather forecast

    Miscellaneous Forum
    I'm sure I would have been fired from a job if I was wrong more often than not. Last night before I went to bed I checked the weather for today, 100% chance of rain. This morning I check it and 0% chance of rain. That's quite a turn around in 8 hours.
  15. I believe Blown head gasket

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    Look at Redwing 52s post above. You don't need new intakes.
  16. I believe Blown head gasket

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    The valves are not supposed to be ground but the seats can be.
  17. 92 valkyrie

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    What do you mean by that? Doesn't make sense. Of course they have to be wired to power and ground but what else?
  18. 2004 goldwing , digital screen, miles not working

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    I think not.
  19. 2004 goldwing , digital screen, miles not working

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    Does the radio hold memory? Trunk remote work if you have it? CB work if it has it? Might check fuse #22.
  20. Just around the corner..

    Miscellaneous Forum
    Great voice. I can hardly understand the lyrics of any song with my hearing so language doesn't matter.
1-20 of 450 Results