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  1. Grand Canyon or Yellowstone?

    Miscellaneous Forum
    Sorry, probably should have added that we've been visiting Colorado yearly for a while and seen many of the attractions in that area. We're planning on a little longer trip this time so we wanted to take a few days and head to GC or Yellowstone. We'll probably do it again in a few years when the...
  2. Grand Canyon or Yellowstone?

    Miscellaneous Forum
    Our son lives east of Denver and he's going to take off the week of July 4th to go with us. As of now I think we're taking off from Colorado Springs on Tuesday July 5th and head to the North Rim. We'll spend 3 days there and return on Saturday. We'll save Yellowstone for another year when we...
  3. Grand Canyon or Yellowstone?

    Miscellaneous Forum
  4. Grand Canyon or Yellowstone?

    Miscellaneous Forum
    My wife and I will be heading out from Michigan to Colorado Springs in early July (in the car unfortunately). We have family in Colorado to visit but we'll take 3-5 days to check out either The Grand Canyon or Yellowstone. I'm leaning towards GC but still undecided. My brother (who's seen...
  5. Hello from yooperland

    New Members Introduction Forum
    If you get down here any time soon you may not recognize the place. Grand Rapids was named Beer City recently and things certainly have changed. Downtown is fairly happening compared to the ghost town that it used to be.
  6. Hello from yooperland

    New Members Introduction Forum
    A warm welcome from your neighbor to the south. We have family friends who moved to Marquette last year and love it. We're planning on taking a trip up there this summer, probably spend a night in Copper Harbor and visit other friends in Grand Marais. Looking forward to seeing that part of the...
  7. Exhaust smell

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    Is it typical exhaust carbon monoxide smell or does it smell like wood? My BIL's wing smelled like a bonfire for a while, seems the mice had built a nest inside one of the pipes over the winter. Eventually it burned out and all was good.
  8. Flying in the dark!!!!!!

    Test Forum
  9. New life...sort of

    Miscellaneous Forum
  10. the best moderator's.

    Miscellaneous Forum
    Nah, I've seen better....:thumbsdown: JUST KIDDING!!!!! You guys are absolutely the best. Thanks for all you do, we really do appreciate it. :bow::bow::bow:
  11. WTB Great learner bike HY ready about 750CC

    For Sale/Wanted Forum
    Honda also made a 450 version that night better suit her needs, although they're pretty rare. In that price range I would think you could find a decent Shadow 500, Magna 500 or Suzuki Savage 650.
  12. What is this?????

    Fun Forum
  13. Nice trike. I think!

    Miscellaneous Forum
    When in Rome....?
  14. DaveO430's father just passed on.

    General Motorcycle Discussion Forum
    Prayers for comfort for Dave and the family and friends.
  15. Forum Speed - or how fast is my internet connection?

    General Motorcycle Discussion Forum
    20.78 download, 12.78 upload. Checked iPhone, 23.75/16.32 using my WIFI, turned it off and got 12.75 download and 0.36 upload LTE.
  16. Google Chrome help needed

    Miscellaneous Forum
    Thanks for the advice. I followed the instructions above. Malwarebytes didn't find anything. SUPERAntiSpyware found 1 PUP and 1 adware tracking cookie, both of which I deleted. The numbers are slightly changed, although it's now running 95 processes (I assume because I downloaded the malware...
  17. Google Chrome help needed

    Miscellaneous Forum
    I closed all applications except Chrome and this forum, then pulled up my task manager/performance. Then I ran CCleaner and checked it again. Here's the difference. Bear in mind I don't know how to interpret these numbers, or if this is even relevant information. I'm running a full virus scan...
  18. Google Chrome help needed

    Miscellaneous Forum
    Ram: 4 GB (3.80 usable) I don't know how to tell how much video memory
  19. Google Chrome help needed

    Miscellaneous Forum
    I'm using my 2009 Lenovo laptop with Windows 7, running Microsoft Security Essentials. I'm having a problem with Chrome crashing and also being just plain slow. This often happens when I open the computer with a few tabs already open, and sometimes if i switch back and forth between tabs. Also...
  20. New Toy for the Track

    General Motorcycle Discussion Forum
    Holy crap Batman! I'm in full butt-pucker mode just reading about that, and I'm only 52. How old were you when you called it quits?
1-20 of 460 Results