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Showcase cover image for alanc1100's 1986 Honda GL1200 Aspencade

General Information

GL1200 Aspencade
Burgundy metallic
Stereo, full dressed
Bought in July 2010. Looked nice from a distance. But, when you got up close, she showed her wrinkles. Clear coat was gone on all the top side pieces and down the sides. So, I took all the plastic pieces off to get repainted. Next, replaced leaking fork seals, replaced right head gasket, changed the oil, drained the rad which was leaking and replaced it with another that didn't leak. Replaced the battery with a sealed no maint battery. Started her up and she ran strong from idle to redline. So I thought I was good with the engine. Now 2+ years later! I'm putting painted pieces on like the fairing and trunk, so I figured what the heck! it needs to run. Sad performance from the OEM 4 carb rack. Now, I'm in the middle of tear down on those carbs and honestly I don't want them back in. Been reading all the threads on single carb conversion, I think I might try it.
1986 Honda GL1200 Aspencade (Burgundy metallic)


Need to replace both. Will start a thread on my process.
All plastics are painted or are still in process of painting. My painter comes off vacation today, should get an update from him today. Working on the Harley pipes mod. Working on wiring connection to put aftermarket stereo in and still retain the thumb switches for channel and volume changes and Mute. Looking to do the Electric Connections wiring upgrade to hopefully save my stator. I want to also do the 1500 coil mod. Lotta wishes at this point.
Rebuilt front fork seals.
Going to go with the Saddlemans dbl bucket upgrade.
Wheel and Tire
Working on wiring for installing an aftermarket stereo, no c/d, they call it "mech less".



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