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Fresh gloss black, changed my mind will be midnigh
1st owner love her
2nd owner beat on her
3rd owner me treats her with a special addiction. 22,000 original miles. And brought her back from a boxes of engine and body parts and a stripped frame all of which filled my bike trailer. Now she purrs and is looking and sounding better every day.
1978 Honda GL1000 (Fresh gloss black, changed my mind will be midnigh)


I know this Is a beat topic on this forum, but during the process of a complete rebuild and restore of my bike (1978 GL1000) I needed my carbs rebuilt. Got Randakks kit and video. Went to tackle them and well broke a corroded float post. Got a couple full racks of carbs on eBay and junk yard. Then it was my turn for over time at work. So I turned over 4 racks of carbs and the kit and video to a knowledgable local mechanic. I thought all the carbs were 769a but one set was 771a. He used two 769a bodies and two 771a bodies. He built the rack in an X pattern with the 769a diagonal from each other and 771a diagonal from each other. Now to get to the nitty gritty. The bike runs and it pops on the right exhaust. I haven't synced them yet as I was working on other parts getting the rest of it back together. Is this set up going to work for me? Or is it never going to he right. If I have to redo it I will but best case scenario what can I look for once it's synced?

Info of the bike that I will put in my signature here in a bit. Still new to the forums. 78 GL1000 dyna s ignition, dyna coils, dyna wires, motor rebuilt, heads rebuilt, new water pump, new timing tensioners and belts, new gasket kit top and bottom, drag bars, cut fenders, solo seat, repain frame, fixed the drain holes in frame, new lower frame to engine mounts, bare bones wiring with modern fuse panel, reg/rect combo, cleaned gas tank, rebuilt fuel pump, after market mirrors, rebuilt calipers and new stintered brake pads, new thermostat, cleaned radiator, coolant brake and fuel hoses. And many many more things to come and go



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