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Showcase cover image for DRAGON1's 1978 Honda Hobbit ( Moped ) PA 50

General Information

Honda Hobbit ( Moped )
PA 50
Back when things were simple .. No packages on this puppy
This little dude was given to me maybe 15 years ago , would not start ., no compression ,, . Totally dismantled bike -- every bolt and nut , Found the fins on the sleeve were full of mud , could not cool and cooked the piston , sleeve and of course rings . Bought a complete engine kit but of course i just had to beef the little engine up a bit , so went with the 90cc change up from the stock 49 cc., new sleeve ,pre fit piston and rings ,, the sleeve is a special 9 port intended for small cc. racing applications .of course I had to beef up the carburetor to be able to feed the 40% more fuel demand and there it is almost twice the size engine without touching the bottom .. Lots of power from the little guy , goes like hell will pin the speedo at 40 MPH. at that speed the ground is going by pretty fast . completely rebuilt the rest of the bike and have barely used it , just sits in the corner even the seat is original . When I do ride it people look at me like I have 2 heads .. :)
1978 Honda Hobbit ( Moped ) PA 50 (Yellow)



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