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GL1100 Std
Hondaline Fairing
Gerald, a standard GL1100, was ridden off the lot new in 1981 by the man I bought him from. He put 105,000 miles on over the last 35 years. Because of the owner's age, Gerald has been ridden less and less over the last decade, until his owner decided to let him go to a new owner in the summer of 2016. That new owner is me. Although he runs and can be ridden, Gerald needs, at minimum, a carb rebuild, and his former owner has neither the mechanical skill nor the tools to complete this task. Because of this, Gerald's sale price was significantly reduced, based on his book value and the repair quote given by the local Honda shops.

Gerald's former owner is a neat, friendly, 70-year-old retiree. When I purchased the bike, the owner gave me much of the history, including the unused original keys (one still has the plastic cover on it), the sales brochures for both the Standard and Interstate models, and the original headlight/turn signals/headlight ears from when he had the Hondaline fairing installed a couple years after its initial purchase. The bike is in great condition, showing very little wear for its age. It is clear it has been ridden, a lot, but it has been well-kept. According to his former owner, all maintenance has been done by dealerships for its entire life. I have no reason not to believe him, as even the new-looking air filter has "HONDA" stamped on it. The colors of the gauges are bright, and the front master cylinder reservoir is translucent and crisp.
1981 Honda GL1100 Std (Maroon)


New Slipstreamer windshield 07/2016


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