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I have a 1982 GL1100 Gold Wing Standard for sale. It has about 48,500 miles showing. I took this bike in on trade & do not claim to be a Gold Wing expert, but will describe as best I can. The bike is black in color, has two of the three actual Samsonite hard sided travel bags (the side bags), has a new starter motor...I was told also has a new battery and new tires. I cannot swear that the tires are new, but they DO look like there's a lot of tread left. There are no major dents that I can see, not even any noticeable ones. The paint looks fairly good - especially when the age of the bike is considered. There is a Vetter fairing on the bike, but the flip-up vents on that have yellowed & I am reluctant to spend another $50 American to replace them. There are two places on the seat where the stitching is letting go - each maybe 1& 1/2 inches (37mm) long. I'll tell ya now - the radio, which appears to be a combo AM/FM/CB unit, does not work. As I said, I received the bike on trade - and actually had hopes of keeping it and riding it, but there have been too many back surgeries & I cannot physically manage the bike; it is just too big & heavy for me. I can send a couple of pictures if ya need - heck, I'll even send more than that! I do not know how communications work on this forum so I'll just ask ya to read between the lines.... fred ted at charter dot net. MAYBE the spam robots will miss that one. One last thing: I'm asking $2200 for the bike. Don't know if that's reasonable or not - you tell me. You will find me polite, courteous, and easy to work with, so don't be afraid to ask questions. Thanks for considering.........FredT
1982 Honda GL1100 (Black)



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