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Black w/ gold trim
Garage find. Hadn't run since 1999. She had 54000 on the clock. The kid (22yo) next door that knew the PO told me he'd ridden on the bike back in the day and he thought "all it needed was a Clutch cable".
Famous last words!
Any way, I was excited about the find gave the lady 100 bucks and loaded her up. The bike that is...
Got home hooked up a battery and she turned over. Then the Fairing, false tank,the 1970s King and queen seat were removed. The carbs were sent out for complete overhaul. The Fuel Tank and everything else behind it came off and was cleaned repaired or replaced. Next the Choke, Push-pull throttle and Clutch cables were replaced. Then the rubber hoses, fuel lines and belts. Rebuilt both front calipers and the rear.
Next is the the head bearings and the fork seals. Great the now my go to guy tells me I need to replace my 15 yo tires? I don't see any cracks or dry rot?

Hopefully before the next "Slimey Crud Run"
1978 Honda Gl-1000 (Black w/ gold trim)


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