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Aspencade gl 1500
I have bought it on 2008. The 14 februar exactly. By honda schweighouse in france (east of france). I never drive it before the big day, i never heart the noice of motor before because no battery. BUt my preference was a pan european honda 1100 or bmw 1100 rt. The goldwing were in the back in the shop. I went home the week before it has 68000 kilometers only and 8900 euros. Indońt known really the gold but all the night after my work i was look after the pan, the bmw and gold. Only one question : why did that gold grey from 1993 not so expensive and with a few kilometers? When i was looking the other bike on google the other bikes had more kilometers with even more money?
My wife has a little problem on her knee. So she told me ( of course) she was good sitting on it. My sister in law had a electra glide and i have ride it also. So i can see of course the difference. The saturday morning after the goldwing 1993 gray with no more options was mine
It has now 160 000 kilometers and i am always happy of my gold. We were in the Croatia in 2013 and in west of france. 6500 kilometers durind the hollidays. 2014 ???? Dublin and ireland
So sorry for my english without dictionnary hahaha
2013 Honda Aspencade gl 1500 (Grey)


A lot of leds blue
A lot of buttons command for the electricity to economize the volt when i don't want it
2 antennna but no cb but i like it so


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