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V65 Magna
used to be my grandad's bike but after I was in an accident (not my fault) I saved it from an early grave and I've been going a new direction with the longer stock
1984 Honda V65 Magna (Black)


I have a star-shaped '83 VF750 rim up front and the OEM '84 rim in the rear - as soon as I find an '83 star rim from a VF1100C I'm going to put one on to match the front. Tires I run are Kenda Challengers. I love the grip and how long they've lasted...the rear profile is amazing but I think I want to try Avon radials next
Lost my mufflers due to the wreck and I'm getting ready to slice the collector off and go 4 into 4, I've already got my jet kit in the mail. I modified the clutch by adding a second diaphragm spring - I shaved just enough off the outside of the pressure plate to insert a second diaphram spring on top of the original one and come out to the same clearance for the snap ring - clutch is now very firm and engages quickly with twice the pull. I love it.
Bike's got a custom round headlight unlike any other magna out there and it's been stripped of all radiator shrouding to give it a slimmer, less bulky look up front. No gauges due to the wreck, got a modified seat and I've cut the grab rail rise off of the sissy bars. Moved the license plate to mount off the final drive.
I lowered the rear from 14.5" shocks to 10" brand new ones...never seen anyone go that low before. This lowering kicked out the front end so that it appears to be raked even though it's not. It handles a million times better with the lower rear end.
Comforts? HAH! Actually with the modified slightly lower seat and lower rear end I can now plant my feet flat on the ground instead of being on my tip toes all the time, increases my confidence tenfold.
Wheel and Tire
The electronics on this bike consist of a headlight, taillight and brakelight, nothing more. The plate isn't even lit at night. I relocated the rear of the wiring harness including spark units and stop-tail check relay to a custom sealed electronics box where the auxiliary tank used to be



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