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brandy wine
Bought her from Tykes cycle shop. She was advertised as an 1983 gl1100 but from what I understand is it was built late 83 and it is labeled as a gl1200 has a 1200 engine, 1200 carbs and some of the stuff is an 83 so not to sure. The vin is an 83 gl1100i so insurance is a little better ;)
So far have had a few headaches with this bike. The throttle lever was broke so it was a pain. After I fixed it the fuel pump went out. I saw the prelude fix on this site and did that. Worked like a charm after words, noticed the front left carb leaking fuel on the exhaust pipes so I pulled the carbs off. I started rebuilding them and quickly realized it was a little more difficult than a quadrajet, so I passed it off to the shop I got the bike from. Every one else wanted 600.00 plus to rebuild he said he would do it 35.00 a carb. Now I am waiting to get them back. Well, that's my story so far.
1983 Honda gl1200i (brandy wine)


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