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floorboards idk lol
this bike is a barn find the old lady said that her husband bought it new in 1978 road it all summer drained the gas and ran it dry and parked it for the winter since we live in northern michigan. her poor husband died that year and the bike sit till now in a barn. The bike has 4386 original miles on it and everything but the windshield looks like new i broke the winshield when i moved it into my trailer to get it home. well i pulled the carbs and cleaned them changed the oil bought a new battery and got her legal thinking everything was going ot be okay with the miles. I got to drive it 2.8 miles before the right side cam froze up b urning my timing belt and bending a valve. she is in shambles rite now and im lost in this repair. Im a mechanic by trade but outta work and barely making it atm. so i need to find a head with the cam before i can run my dream bike. And i am told there are 3 different heads for that year. Great. Gonna try to take 100 dollars to the bike yard this week and see if i can find a head. If i pull it they will letme have it for 100 bucks lol hopfully i find one that matched the number \s on my head and get it off without it having a bad valve or the same problem this one has
1978 Honda gs1000 (brown)


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