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I bought this bike out of a back yard. It had been outside under a tree for a year. The motor was hydro locked. A friend of mine was going to buy this bike but I talked him out of it. He was not mech. inclined and I thought it was a risk to leave him on the side of the road. He was in his sixties and had already had a stroke. Three months later I decided to purchase the bike myself. I didn't have the money at the time but called the man who owned the bike at the time. I told him I would like to buy the bike but it was Aug. and I would not have the money till tax time. This was the first time I had met this man. I told him I would like to take possession of the bike and get it out of the weather. He said yes. I brought the bike to work and put it in the basement for the next six months I spent all my extra time rubbing and cleaning this bike. I am an avid auto mech. but knew nothing about bikes. I rebuilt the brakes and soaked the cylinders in mystery oil and got her running. it had a bad miss and blued the exaust in seconds. I paid for the bike and reg. it in Feb. and put it in the shop to have the carbs cleaned and tuned. The front shocks also needed rebuilding. so two long months and a couple hundred dollars to the mech. I had my first Goldwing and street bike. I live 20 miles from work and rode the bike year round to work for ten years. I have done all repairs on the bike myself since the on time for the carbs. I have been through 9 sets of tires, one speedo cable, 8 batteries, 1 headlight ,and it finaly stopped charging the battery. I bought a repair manual and pulled the motor out. Wow what a project. it was in pieces on my back porch for a year. I finally got the parts and put it back together. She ran but still does not charge the battery. I have replaced the wiring harness, the voltage reg, ignition module, even the head light (the old one was cooked inside) but it still will not charge battery.It has sat for two years now but I would like to ride it again. It has a pulse gen. in place of the stator. Hoping to find some help here to fix this great machine and brihg her back to life again
1980 Honda gl1100i (blk)



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