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Golding Interstate
It has 47000 original kilometres on it.It hasn't been ridden since 2006 (kids and life) and I have been trying to resurrect it for the last 2 winters in my spare time. I never had a problem with it originally. I would pull the battery in the fall, charge it over the winter, install it in the spring and hit the start button and she would fire up like it had been ridden 2 hours before. The spring of 06 when I started it in the spring it ran rough right away. I had put gas stabilizer in it for the first time ever in the fall before. My first thought was the gas stabilizer may have loosened some crud in the tanks and the carbs were gummed up. I couldn't afford to take it in for work, so began the hibernation. Alway enjoying mechanical work and a challenge, I decided to rebuild the carbs myself, so I purchased 4 kits and a manual from Randak and learned how to do the job. That went well so I reinstalled the carbs only to have it run exactly the same as before. Last spring when I took another run at it, I noticed that the exhaust pipe on the front left side was cold, so now I'm thinking Have a bad wire, which could have been the trouble all along!lol!. I have looked all over the Internet for new ignition coils, but can't find new out of stock or a suitable new replacement, just in case the coil turns out to be the problem. I'm going to go into the forum and find out how to test the coils and wires. Hopefully I will be able together her back on the road this years as I REALLY miss riding!
1983 Honda Golding Interstate (Black)


Stock,new plugs, belts, fuel filter.
A few chrome accessories,tail pipe extensions, racks etc.
Wheel and Tire
Cycle Sound


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