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  1. Goldwing Technical Forum
    My 2012 GL 1800 will not crank over. This has been a problem for the last four years. If I buy a new battery, everything works. Using last year's battery (fully charged) won't. I am tired of buying batteries! Every time I have the battery tested, it is in excellent condition. The battery store...
  2. General Motorcycle Discussion Forum
    Morning all and Happy Easter! Wanted to get some feedback on WHY..... are the RH Battery Covers for a GL1500 so DANG hard to find?...... and when I do find on I get into a bidding war on eBay over them...... I have a "Franken-Wing" that was supposedly put together by a guy in Alaska and it has...
  3. For Sale/Wanted Forum
    Just bought a project bike that seems to be OK, but the last owner misplaced the RH battery cover. Anyone have one? Thanks all!!
1-3 of 3 Results