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  1. Goldwing Technical Forum
    Hey folks I’m new to goldwing and picked up a cheap decked out goldwing. Owner said it was a daily driver till he retired and got old. Starter is sluggish and it won’t stay running when I get it started. I can crank it to 10k rpm but it won’t idle on its own. Any way to avoid rebuilding carbs...
  2. Goldwing Technical Forum
    Hi, I've had my 1980 GL1100 for about two years and I heard about single carb conversion kits. I found a couple for a reasonable price on Etsy. The reviews that I saw say they have worse mileage and worse top end performance. Is this true? and are they worth the money? and advise helps, thank you.
  3. For Sale/Wanted Forum
    Hey gang! I've been rebuilding the Carbs on my 85 Aspencade... 3 carbs complete, and wouldn't you know it... I start to disassemble the final carb and look what I found :-( Apparently the PO didn't bother with the drill to pop out the cap over the pilot screw! I cant even get the pilot screw...
  4. Goldwing Technical Forum
    1988 Goldwing GL1500. With air box off I can see inside top of carbs and the right carb has fuel pumping out the top orifices for a few seconds when I hit the key. If it starts....... the orifices start vomiting up gas much faster than carb can use. Left side acting just fine! I have read...
  5. Goldwing Technical Forum
    Hi all, I have two issues at hand. I started tearing into my 1996 Goldwing SE following a bit of a coolant smell when riding this fall, and a small coolant puddle underneath (dripping off the front of the timing belt cover) that's formed since I put it up for the winter. I'm generally planning...
1-5 of 5 Results