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  1. 1985 GL1200 Aspencade - Carburetor Needed!

    For Sale/Wanted Forum
    Hey gang! I've been rebuilding the Carbs on my 85 Aspencade... 3 carbs complete, and wouldn't you know it... I start to disassemble the final carb and look what I found :-( Apparently the PO didn't bother with the drill to pop out the cap over the pilot screw! I cant even get the pilot screw...
  2. GL1500 Right Carb Floods even after all THIS!

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    1988 Goldwing GL1500. With air box off I can see inside top of carbs and the right carb has fuel pumping out the top orifices for a few seconds when I hit the key. If it starts....... the orifices start vomiting up gas much faster than carb can use. Left side acting just fine! I have read...
  3. Chasing coolant and air

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    Hi all, I have two issues at hand. I started tearing into my 1996 Goldwing SE following a bit of a coolant smell when riding this fall, and a small coolant puddle underneath (dripping off the front of the timing belt cover) that's formed since I put it up for the winter. I'm generally planning...