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  1. 99 GL1500SE Electrical Problem

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    I hope we have some real electrical gurus in here. I am having a problem with my 99 GL1500SE. Periodically, the #8 fuse will blow. I replace the fuse and everything may be fine for a month or two, then it will do it again. While doing some other work on the bike, I decided to convert all of the...
  2. Dashboard and lights not working

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    I'm working on my gl1200 the dashboard and all lights are not working at all. I can still start it fine but have no lights or display of any sort Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Couple of issues

    Goldwing Technical Forum
    Well, after almost 3 years I finally got my 1984 GL1200 A back. Long story short, friend of a friend fried my wiring harness, 16 months later with no work on it, I took it to a honda dealership. After another 16 months, they supposedly fixed it. First off, the 1st guy put coil over springs...