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  1. Goldwing Technical Forum
    Hello everyone, so i just got this GL1000 about 2 weeks ago and rode about 30 miles on the highway to a mechanic for a general check because there was some oil leaking from the Valve cover and the idle was a little high so i just wanted to check things out for peace of mind. a few days later he...
  2. Goldwing Technical Forum
    Hi gents! I'm new to this forum, but I've taken advantage of all the info in it for my current project (rebuilding a 76 GL1000's engine into a performance engine, and then performing a "heart transplant"), and to troubleshoot small problems on my main ride (75 GL1000 turned into a cafe racer)...
  3. New Members Introduction Forum
    I've been a member for a while but always read the posts. I thought I'd say hello and post my bike. I had a broken neck in 2020, to add to the whole COVID thing for me. That was October and I am still recovering. I went camping in May of 2020 and haven't ridden since. It looks like fall will...
  4. Goldwing Technical Forum
    I have a '77 GL1000 K2 US import. It came completely naked and I'd like to fit indicators. However, when I plug them in, they come on with the ignition. I'm assuming they're wired as running lights as well as indicators. Can I easily disable the running light feature? Thanks, Clive
  5. General Motorcycle Discussion Forum
    I have a first year gl1000 trying to find more info due to the serial number being what it is. Any info on sn#gl11001001would be great. Thanks in advance
  6. Goldwing Technical Forum
    Good Day Fellow Wing People! My cousin and I are working on a farm find rebuild, it appears to be a 1975 motor and a 1976/78 frame. This is not 100% clear as it has had a lot of modifications done, and it could be a combination of more than just those. Lots of eyebrows have been raised at what...
1-6 of 6 Results