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    I'm lucky enough to have a spare bike I'm selling. 113k miles, needs tires and clutch bleed. Was planning on doing brakes at same time. Located Salt Lake City, UT area. You ship or pick up. Serious inquiries only.
  2. Goldwing Technical Forum
    Hi, Rebuilding my 89 carb. I looked on line for photos and one video showed a cap of some sort over 2 of the jets in the float bowl. My carb didn't have them and the bike ran ok before I took on rebuilding the carbs because of a float bowl gas leak. It this an 89 thing? Are those in the later...
  3. Goldwing Technical Forum
    I was changing all the coolant and drained it, all went out, but when I saw where you pour in the coolant the level of the coolant was the same, wtf?? So now I don’t know what to do because I cannot pour more coolant because it’s full until the cap and is not draining anything anymore in the...
  4. 20200411_144943.jpg

    Following Steves very detailed instructions :P
1-4 of 4 Results