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  1. New Members Introduction Forum
    Hello from Cheshire East, U.K. In November, on a whim I bought a 2014 GL1800 solo. This was after a 55 year gap from my first and only bike, a BSA Bantam 125cc. I’d passed my motorcycle test in 1968, but didn’t get it put into my licence, as I’d then got a car. With this in mind, I had the bike...
  2. Trikes, Trailers and Sidecars
    I have a 2010 GL1800 with a Motor Trike Adventure Kit. I had to take out the axel and replace a torn CV boot. Now going back together I can't find the torque specs for the Axel Nut. Does anyone know where one could get a repair manual for this kit, Motor Trike is less than helpful! Any Help is...
  3. Goldwing Technical Forum
    My new-to-me 2005 GL1800 is a great machine, but the sound system is anemic. At full blast, it can't be heard above 60 mph, and basses and trebles are 'mushy'. The sound advance with speed doesn't seem to work at all. Big contrast with my '94 GL1500, which has great sound quality and volume...
1-3 of 3 Results