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  1. Goldwing Technical Forum
    85 goldwing aspencade gl1200a front brake lever switch getting hot and smoking,radio makes popping noise,and All the lights dim on the motorcycle. All this bc of pressing the brake lever. Any suggestions?
  2. 2000 Honda Goldwing 1500 SE Anniversary Edition

    Grab a description of this machine online to find all the features. She has just over 100k miles, runs like a charge and is great shape. Asking $4475. Comes with full cover, helmets, rain suit, riding gloves, reverse gear, cassette with connection for 3mm audio plug. Rigged for CB...
  3. Goldwing Technical Forum
    Hello all! I purchased a 1987 Honda gl1200 Interstate in January of 2020 and it has been wonderful, up until today, 11/6/20. I drove the bike from my home to Appleton, Wisconsin for my daily commute which is about 55 miles one way. The bike had sat for about a month before this and we had had...
  4. General Motorcycle Discussion Forum
    being retired I find I need to keep my creative juices flowing. My buddy agrees and we decided to start a YouTube channel. At least once a week or more we get on our bikes and go for coffee or lunch. Here is our video trailer and a video from a few years back. If you like what you see give it...
  5. For Sale/Wanted Forum
    Time to part with one of my motorcycles. 2010 Gold Wing with 17,600 miles. This is the Comfort/Nav/ABS edition (no airbag system). I'm the second owner, it has always been garage kept. It is in excellent condition. Previous owner had it go over on him in his garage, so there are some light...
  6. Goldwing Technical Forum
    Hi, I drained all the fluid out of the clutch and no I cant seem to get it bled again or go down from the top reservoir. Has anyone had this problem or has anyone any advice please. Thanks Pauric
  7. Goldwing Technical Forum
    Been working on this project off/on for a few months and finally got her to turn over after replacing the starter and doing a carb rebuild. While attempting to sync the carbs I get this reading on 1 and 3 that stikes me odd. Right exhaust runs cool air and about half the pressure judging by...
1-7 of 7 Results