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  1. For Sale/Wanted Forum
    I have For sale a Nos radio am/fm cassette intercom. Brand new condition. Off of a 1985 Goldwing LTD. looking for $300 paid $500 for it and used it half dozen times. Was never kept in the bike when not in use. You can respond to this thread or email me at PHILG [email protected]
  2. Goldwing Technical Forum
    Picked up a 2003 1800 about a month ago with about 21k on the odometer. I noticed where the PO had installed a CB in the trunk. On my 1500, my wife and I had used the intercom from time to time, but always liked the Sena Q3. I decided to try out the intercom on the 1800 and nothing works. I...
  3. Goldwing Technical Forum
    My new-to-me 2005 GL1800 is a great machine, but the sound system is anemic. At full blast, it can't be heard above 60 mph, and basses and trebles are 'mushy'. The sound advance with speed doesn't seem to work at all. Big contrast with my '94 GL1500, which has great sound quality and volume...
1-3 of 3 Results