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04 1800 brakes

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are the rear brakes adjustible? when i picked up the bike the pedal was sloppy, i drove to a shop 1hr 1/2 away and had the brake fluid replaced, but i still have to push much further down to engage than my 1200ltd. it doesnt have the grab the 1200 had. a local sales person who has a 1800 says i have plenty of shoe left.


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If the Rear Brakes on the 1800 don't engage almost immediately when you push down on the pedal the tech did not get all the air out of the lines. I use mine a lot during low speed turns and I barely have to put any pressure on them to start engaging the rear. Put to much on them and you'll also engage the linked front brake.

There is a lot of bleeding to do on the rear brake besides the rear caliper.
And no adjustment on the wing brakes. It's all disc brakes.
Nice looking bike. Where did you buy it that the shop was 1 1/2 hrs away, St George?
Looks like the Valley of Fire road that you took the picture on.
Five bleed points on the pedal system to be exact. Your pedal may not have the exact same feel as your other Wing. It's hard to say if there's a problem without riding the bike.

Check for warped rotors. Other thing...around 04 there's an inspection recall on the proportioning control valve, which lives behind the left rad. They can 'weep' brake fluid. So...pull off the left engine cover (the one to check coolant reservoir tank) and take a look under the left intake manifold for any wetness...if so your PCV is probably leaking. Also, keep an eye on the master cylinder (under cover on the right side) for unexplained slow brake fluid consumption.
Hi Saltmar14, I love that picture of your bike. Beautiful backgound.
newday, i bought it from a guy that lives next to dheaton in boulder, utah. had to go down to richfield for repair. the background is from capital reef, utah. lots of beautiful rides in that part of the country.

just got back from local shop, they think the brake lines weren't bled properly.
OK so that's the one from Richfield on gl1800 riders?
no, i was going to get that one till my attorney stuck it to me. the one at the dealer was still there it's an 08 in like new condition, mines an 04.
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