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Piaggio MP3, was 02 GL1800
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a few of you know, that I am staying with Family in Cleveland, UT

look that up, even if I gave you the address, it is 3.5 miles north of Cleveland on UT-155 you can't find their house, unless I give you the lat, long coordinates.

it is all desert, the only thing out here that is pretty, is the mountains in the far off distance, and that is a long long ways from here.

I left Price, UT this morning after a grocery run, my family is sick, really sick, both down with Covid bad..... it hit me, for all of two days, and I shook it off and back to work

back to the story:
a mile south of Price, I look in the mirror and see headlights gleaming between two crash bars, set way down low and Horizontal, and a brown fairing up above those, and the typical antenna on the left side of the bike.

GL1200 was the only thing that made sense in this rear view mirror picture.

5 miles later, Zoom! he goes around me up a steep incline like there is nothing to it, and disappears in the distance.

I gave him a Thumbs Up, but he did not acknowledge me.......

a friend he did not know, was riding with him today, I was hiding inside a Kia Amanti with plush everything and 66* of nice cool air on my face 🆒

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Sorry your family is ill and glad you threw it off. I’ve been sick 3 weeks now, after 2 vac shots and one booster. And Pax treatment for 1 week.

Shame that rider did not know what a gem of a resource you are!

I got the wasp nests out of my 1200 and an awning up today meaning I felt a little better. Work on her starts tomorrow. Clutch cyl rebuild, Brake master and caliper rebuilds, fuel and vacuum lines to replace and rebuild carbs. Flush and fill all fluids and then new bearings and tires. Makes me tire to write all that LOL! Thanks for your help earlier. Be well and ride on….. John
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Glad to hear you got over the bug. I pray the family does quickly. Try and have them upright and moving about to lessen the chance of pneumonia .
To bad you couldnt stop the rider and have a bit of chat with him. Perhaps he is on the forum?
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