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The rear original shocks on my 81 1100 had got to the point where it was bottoming out on small bumps when we were riding two up, We are are not small people. To compensate I was raising the air pressure up to 80 and 90 psi, This would work alright for the daybut the next daythe pressure would be back down to 20 or 30 psi.

Finally I bought Progressive replacement springs, the best price I could find was at Bike Bandit.

I bought the seals from Honda Direct line.

I also bought The Munroe Boot kits from Advance Auto for $5.49 a piece.

I spent just over $80.00 on parts, shipping, Parts cleaner and ATF to refill them.

I used Gambler's excellent howto, It's for 1200 shocks but there are only very minor differencesto 1100 shocks.

I spent another $15.00 at Home depot to build Gambler's homemade spring compressor which worked fantastic (Thank you Gambler)

Remove, clean, rebuild, reinstall took approx 2 hours per shock.

Thiswas without a doubt one of the best upgrades for the money I have done.With both of us riding I can now run the shocks with 20 psi and not bottom out.As an added bonus I did not think there was anything wrong with the way my bike handledon the interstate until I rode with the new springs and seals,She handles like a dream now.

So as you might have guessed my vote would be to rebuild the original shocks.

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