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1200 Front fork drain

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Hi Guys!!! Screw it, I have to ask, where is the front fork drain screw (plug) on my 85 Aspy? I want to drain and replace the front fork oil. Thanks!:waving:
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Sorry, A little more checking and I found it, started to drain the oil. Man, it was due. I removed the top cap, and as many have said, was careful. Cap did pop off, now to replace the oil and try to put the cap back on!!!
Left fork had the proper amount, but black. Right fork had about 100ml in it if that. Wow.
where is the fork drain bolt? Mine need to be done as well...
It's the bolt between the arrows of the anti dive case and the arrow of the boot


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The top cap bolt, be careful. Mine "popped" off. There is pressure there caused by the top spring. Please keep this in mind and protect yourself. Hell, if I can do it.......
Thank you for that info. Now for the $64 question, how do you refill it? If I've read right on other posts, you have to inject it into that same hole...? Sounds quite difficult to fill it that way, how would you keep it in there while attempting to quickly put that plug back in against spring tension? Gotta be a trick... I will assume that I would also have to release all the air in the front shocks as well before draining/filling. What do you mean by top cap bolt or is the drain what you're talking about?
I poured the oil in from the top cap.
OK that's my stupid question, what is the top cap? never done forks before so I'm in learn mode
The cap on top of the shocks. Be careful!
ok it might help if I take the weight off the forks before popping that cap.
Yup, Jack the engine just so that the forks are off the floor. Apply downward pressure on the cap as you unscrew it. It will be pushed off by the spring.
Chrome cap on the top of each fork leg. Loosen the top triple tree pinch nuts to allow removall of that top cap.

Putting it back on is sometimes difficult. Start with the bike on the center stand and put a jack or block under the engine so the front wheel is just off the ground. That lets the forks extend all the way. Then get a socket to fit that cap, a 12 inch extension and a ratchet. Stand on the foot pegs and put the ratchet into your chest to get leverage and let your body weight help compress the spring as you try to replace that fork cap.
Did my road test yesturday. BIG difference. More stable. Parked the bike in the garage, noticed a stream of oil on my rear tire, took off the right rear side saddle, checked, the oil was NEW atf inside the boot of the right rear shock. HUH? Did the oil get there because of the air passage?
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