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GoldWinger1964 wrote:

I bought my progressive shocks last year and im dissapointed :(. We still bottom out. I had great service as they leaked oil after 10,000 miles and 13 months. They said no problem and fixed them. At that time I asked could they put in a heaver spring and they said no. I have run 85 psi in them and still no luck. Yes im big 395lb + wife no way will I tell and stuff in trunk and trailer tong weight all around 650lb. Any ideas. I thought about 2 shocks on 1 or both sides but I dont see enough room any ideas :??.

No, as in no they wouldn't ..... or no, as in there were/are no heavier springs to install. If the former, you might have to purchase heavier springs and install them. :baffled:

Maybe someone else will have a solution for you.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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