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Replaced the timing belts on the 1500 today and have read discussion on how the 1500 is easier to replace than 1200/1100/1000.
The 1500 to me is much more difficult than any others with the exception of the cams don’t move on the 1500 and the timing marks are all right in front rather than the others having to line up in the sight hole.
The 1500 has a number of things that have to be removed or loosen to get the belts off n on,hoses in the way 2 radiator hoses,the big cover is a bear to get out because of the lack of clearance.
It’s done but took me 4 hours to do, 1.5/hours on all the others,

Well putting it back together I realized the forced air duct was causing most of the problem,in order to move it out of the way,the crash bar needed to be removed,pulling that proved to a time consuming issue but it is back running now,sure glad that is not an item that requires service often.
I got the belts from Rockauto,one was 8.95 ( on clearance) but they only had the one,a few days later I looked and had more but 16$ plus shipping,one was goodyear one was gates
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