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fuzzyphi wrote:
I'm considering buying a 1990 1500 for sale. The guy says the only thing wrong with it that he knows of is:

1. The tach doesn't go above 2500 RPM in every gear.

2. He can't set the clock.

Any guesses about how you might fix either of these problems?

There are only two wires on the tachometer (not counting the bulb).

1. A Yellow/Blue wire connects to the ignition control module (ICM). A 26-pin yellow
connector behind the right inner fairing panel.

The primary ignition coil (3-4) feeds power to the ICM (yellow/blue) connection for
the tachometer.

2. A green wire connects to ground.

I would guess the possibilities are the tachometer unit, ICM unit or possibly the coil.

Note: The GL1500 has three coils, one feeds the #1 and #2 cylinders, one feeds the
#3 and #4 cylinders and one feeds the #5 and #6 cylinders.

Seems if there was a problem with the wire connections at the tachometer unit, or any of the connectors along the way, it would not work at all. Also appears the ground is good since it works.
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