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1500 clutch

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not sure where to start. brought home a 89 1500 wing. rebuilt and synced carbs. runs great.

oh, yeah, had to bleed clutch before test ride as lever was kinda dead. after bleeding, got stiff, but don't engage until lever is almost all the way out

test rode, clutch seems fine until you romp on it and it wants to slip.

1] can, if previous did put wrong oil, synthetic, silocone base, cause it to slip?and can too much oil cause this?

not sure if they did or if that would cause this. so i will change oil anyway.

2] bike sat up for a year. could the clutches just need oil to them?

3] is there any type of adjustment for the clutch, on the 1500?

did search, but only found 1 where rudy was talking about lever, pivot pin. not very informative.

any help, advice, greatly appreciated.

thank you,

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There was another thread on a 1200 where the return hole in the master cylinder was plugged causing the fluid to expand when hot and cause the clutch to slip. I would check that and make sure both the master and slave cylinders operate easily and do not stick.
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When I first bought my 1500 the clutch was very close to slipping on any heavy throttle.

Changed out the oil and ran a heavy dose of Sea Foam in the oil for a few hundred miles. changed oil and filter again. Awful black looking stuff. Ran a 2nd dose of Sea Foam and changed it again about 500 miles later.

That fixed my clutch. YMMV
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john, gonna change oil and seafoam it, but also would like to know how to check return hole on the master cylinder.

thank you for replys,

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