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1500 Fuel pump?

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I'm ready to ride but.

Changed out the fuel filter and rode for 30 miles Ran good. Run it for another 20 and right at the end of the ride, it bogs down, I have to put the choke on to get it home. I pulled the fuel pump out and siphoned all the gas out and made sure the tank was clean. Put new fuel in. Now, it starts with the choke on but stops running in 3 seconds. I'm thinking fuel pump but wanted some input from the Masters.
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Make sure the Vacuum line going to your auto petcock is not off or has cracks in it. Without a good vacuum here the petcock will not open and you will “run out” of gas. You may have bumped it while working on the fuel filter.

Also, fuel filters tent to be directional. Note the arrow.



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Maybe the auto fuel valve itself has failed. Take the fuel line off the filter, run it into an alternate container, put the smoke out, key on, and hit the start button. If your pump isn't dribbling out some fuel at this point it's probably failed or you're out of gas. If it is 'pulsing' out fuel, I might suspect the auto fuel valve has failed...or it's not getting it's vac pulse as mr magic fingers points out.
You said you drained the fuel tank out, and put new fuel in? Is this on a bike that had sat awhile before changing the fuel filter out, and taking for a ride? Or do you suspect you might have gotten bad gas? I got some bad gas one time and had to take the fuel filter out a half dozen times and drain water out of the filter. I would take fuel filter off and see if it might be contaminated again.
after I posted, I pulled the fuel line off the filter and did as you suggested Dizzy. I had a steady supply of fuel coming out. What made me think fuel pump was that the fuel filter had little fuel in it. Before it was always full when I changed out the filter.

Magic Fingers- I'll check the vacuum hose on petcock. I double checked the filter and it is installed correctly.

gumbyred- It was running rough out of the gate this year. When I changed the fuel filter it ran good. When it did the same thing, I wondered if it might be something in the tank. Figured I would start out fresh again. I'll double check the filter again

thanks for the replies. I'll be working on it tonight. Hopefully can report back that it is running as it should
As you're checking the filter, if the filter you installed this time or previously did not come out of a seadled HONDA bag, see if the adhesive has failed (a common issue with the EMGO after market filters).

It's fairly common to have air in the filter housing - there's no vent for the air and no reason that air shouldn't be there (after all the filter was full of air when you installed it, and once the outlet end of the filter is "under" the fuel level, there is no direct mode for the air to travel out of the filter -- emulsification through vibration and vacuum displacement will commonly reduce the overall air volume over time)
Mine did the near exact same thing.
Like FINGERS, check the vac line to the petcock.
I found the petcock vac line had a hairline crack near it and trimmed it off.
Worked great for many "X" days THEN the same thing happened. Opened the petcock and found the ethanol ate away part of the rubber. There were small rubber chunks that could have partly plugged the hole and it ran great.
So I temp-fixed it (so far 10 months) that temp-fix is still working.

HOPE yah find the problem. :readit:
He said he had fuel pulsing out the filter, so it sounds like the "auto-fuel-shut-off" valve.
A good fuel filter is NAPA 3003.It is about 2 times larger than the OEM, but that just gives more filtering area...and it is only $4!
He said he had fuel pulsing out the filter, so it sounds like the "auto-fuel-shut-off" valve.
A good fuel filter is NAPA 3003.It is about 2 times larger than the OEM, but that just gives more filtering area...and it is only $4!

BTW, that's a 3003 filter in the picture above. I hade to cut the rubber mount that the original one was held in by. I didn't remove it though. With the old rubber still in place it prevents chafing of the filter to the mount for the rubber.

Hey Guys,

Just got the wing running. Ended up, it was the auto fuel valve. Ordered the rebuild kit from Cyclemax and finally had time this morning to get on it. The vacuum hoses looked good but the "bladder in the valve sure was very flimsy compared to the one in the kit. Primed the carbs and she came to life. Adjusted the idle and she is purring now

thanks for your help
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