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1500A dual fork springs?

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I just pulled the left fork cap on my 93 1500 aspencade and found dual springs, one inside the other.
I have the service manual that shows two springs stacked but not one inside the other.
Anyone familiar with this arrangement? I was intending to put in progressives if I found stockers.
Thanks for any help-
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I think that is the early version of Progressive springs.
Thanks Stu for the link. So I have early progressives- do you know how they compare to the newer style? I'm wondering if I should replace or be happy with what I have.
Measure them, if in spec, use them. You can check progressive's site for specs, you might want to call them next week and confirm wear limits on the older ones. I have seen them in one bike, a 92 SE and they were fine at 90,000 miles.
If I were to reuse I will need to determine the proper oil fill level. Hmmm
I will contact progressive and measure my springs, that's a great idea.
Any idea how the old style dual springs performed as compared to the current model progressives?
I do not know that.
Wingsound, checkout this thread, I had the same type of springs on my 89 GL1500, I'll let the thread do the rest of the talking.
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