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1800 frames

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i'm hoping to get my insurance settlements soon, and hoping to get enough for an 1800. i know that there was a recall on early model due tp frame proublems, what where they for?

i heard some frames where aluminum, is that all years? how would that effect the cb ground plane?

if it is still available i am looking at an 04 with around 24,000, and a new engine put in by honda 7,000 ago. has trailer hitch, lots of added chrome,cd changer and is red. looks great in photos but sleeping for the winter due to snow. the owner wants a trike so i'll see when settlement is final.
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All 1800 frames are aluminum. Here is the bulletin.
thanks Dave.
The frames are aluminum but there are two grounding blocks on the bike. One under the fuel tank, and one near the rear brake fluid reservoir.
Gl 1800 cracks ..did a lot of research on this issue because I bought a 2001
The cracks were located on the frame behind the passenger floorboards very few ever had this issue ....2001 to 2004 are the years with 2003 being the one that's mentioned the most

my bike has 140.000 miles on it .no cracks ..I've looked
I would think that having a cracked frame on the bike you buy is unlikely

there are recalls (small stuff) for some years check on this forum "buying a used 1800" I believe they have the recalls listed can easily tell if your bike has some done by a punch mark made beside the vin located were the oil fill is
Hope it works out for you .I really love mine's red
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