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Has anyone had trouble with the alternator on any of the years of 1800 Gold Wing? As far as winding failure? The alternator on my 2006 strarted making a strange humming sound at around 98K.miles, so I replaced it with a alternator from a 2003 Gold Wing. Never did quit charging. I had the replacement alternator checked out, and put it in. Noise gone. I believe they upped the out put in 2008.

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2001-2005 Alternators are 1100 Watts.

2006 -2017 Alternators are 1300 Watts. (More wire on Rotor & Stator)

Wattage was increased Due to Load of the added, Stereo Amp/NAV/Comfort package/Heated seats/Grips/ (Depending on which level 08 you own 1-2-3-4?)

If your 08 was charging. I'd say you heard one of the 2 bearings making a noise.

They can be changed with NTN Bearings. (From Japan)

The Rotor or Stator hardly ever fail.

Common failure issue (Bearings & or Regulator)

The Regulator is the same for 2001-17.

As for leaving in the 03-1100 Watt Alternator?. That would depend on what level 08 you have?

I'd install a Digital Volt meter if you don't have one already installed. ( So you'll know if your bike is charging or not.)
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