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Ok now confused
H2oman post of 7/29/16 (Thread started )

Post number 4 techdude stated probe fuse RVS A if you get full power with start pushed then the issue is with the starter or power cable to it.

Post number 6 same thread again by techdude states to probe fuse RVS B if you get full power there then RELAY "A" IS GOOD AND "B " RELAY HAS AN ISSUE.

My wing has full power at RVS B when start is pushed.

Can both of his statements be true....?//

I know Techdude helps many riders here and he knows more than I will ever learn but i still cant identify if I need a starter or just relays.

Sorry I created some confusion on the other thread. Since you had more than 11.1V on the B relay connection to the starter, it has to be the starter or the connection of the cable on the starter. Since tapping it with a hammer got it going, it could be one of two things, 1.stuck brush, open armature winding that it happened to stop on. Like has been said, the brush will hang up again or it will stop on that winding again and you won’t have any warning when it does it again.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts