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1975 gl1000

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Went and looked at it and it's in decent shape. Needs some TLC though. Original red paint and side covers are nice. Low miles, less than 30K on the odometer. Owner started it, idled ok to be cold. Spit and sputter (backfired) a little when I would open the throttle some. Owner says he hasn't rode it much in a while. Still has current tags on it so it hasn't been sitting to long. Owner said he use to ride it back and forth to work and it ran fine than. Seat and pipes have been changed(don't like either) would want to go back stock and sometime in the bikes history someone put the mac daddy touring kit of the 70's on it. Full fairing(didn't see any brand name on it) bags, trunk. Bike is also missing original turn siginals frt. and rear because of the fairing and bags that were added and don't think the current owner has them. Not sure if original headlamp is still on bike or not. I've heard that many times when these fairings and bags were put on back in the day many times they would butcher the original wiring all to h^#% when hooking it all up. (Know nothing about troubleshooting wiring) If I bought the bike the first thing I would do is take the fairing and bags off. I like the naked look and these early Wings (look great that way) Just afraid might run into a mess that would cost big dollars to get it all straightened out. Has anyone here run into this type of set up with there old GW and what did you do. Any info and opinions would be great. What do I look for when checking out the wiring and how its hooked up that would tell me if it's right or wrong. Would love to have a first year GW, but dont want to have wiring problems with it that would make my first GW purchase go from a dream come true and it turn into a nightmare.
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Look where the headlight would be and you should be able to see the wiring. It could be they used a wiring adapter that just plugs in to the original harness which is what you want to see. If it has a bunch of those scotch lock connectors and the original terminals still there that is not too bad to undo but if they cut the wires off and tied onto them it could be a problem. Finding an original headlight and turn signals might be difficult.
I agree with Dave.

There really are not that many wires, and they are easy to identify with a shop manual. Don't look at them as a bunch, look at one wire at a time.

BTW: I would take a 75 in ANY condition!!

Grab it and post if you need help.

I just went through that with a 79 GL1000. Removed the fairing and bags and went back to stock nekkid bike. The 75-78 GL1000 all use the round turn signals and the headlight ears and mounts are easy to find on Evil-bay. The 79 GL1000 are a one off model and darn near impossible to find and if you do find them, going rate $150-$300 per ear. I wound up having to fabricate my own set, cost me $10 and they look like the originals. The same headlamp bucket will work for all GL1000 models. Be forewarned, a really nice chrome bucket may set you back quite a bit. All seats are interchangeable from 75-83. Although the 83 is a little longer than the rest but the mounting is all the same. The 80-83 seat are adjustable whereas the 75-79 are not. To find an original GL1000 stock seat in "good" condition, $600. Best to find a "decent" one and have it recovered. Remember the terms good and decent are very subjective. Wiring, can't help you without looking at it, but like Bill said, one wire at a time. Best of luck to you.
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Thanks for your input everyone. The owner of the 1975 GL1000 called me back today and is out of town, but should be able to go back and look at it in more detail tomorrow. I told him I would want to take the faring and bags off and take it back to the naked version just like it was originally and I had a concern about the wiring and if it was butchered up when the stuff was installed. Even though all that was already done to the bike when he got it he sounded pretty confident it was done the right way and didn't think it would be any problem removing it and putting it back original. He said he might have the turn signals in the attic and the stock headlamp is mtn. on the fairing. He's rode it some since I last looked at it and he said it's running better than it was when I was there.
If it's a Vetter fairing, the headlamp assembly in the fairing will not work.
Wingman, do you have a pic of your 79 GL1000 before(dressed up) and after(naked) I had planned to go look at a 1979 a few weeks ago that look good (64K more miles than I prefer on it) No fairing just a windshield and bags. But I changed my mind when I ran across the 75GL. If the 75 doesn't work out and if the 79 is still for sale I might still go look at it.
These are the first pic's. Fairing and bags have already been removed

This is a Vetter fairing

This before I did the turn signal

Here are the pics of how did the turn signal. I did a write up on here on how I did it and the measurements of the tabs.

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Hopefully soon I will get my 1100 back together and I can take a family photo all three bikes
This is what I did to my 79. Just about anything can be done if you want to.


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This is what I did to my 79. Just about anything can be done if you want to.
I like it !
6adan , sweet bit of work . The comstars look really nice with the paint removed/polished . :claps:
This is what I did to my 79. Just about anything can be done if you want to.

café racer Goldwing. interesting and very nice looking. I have never really seen anyone try to do a café racer with a Goldwing before.
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