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1980 gl 1100 over bore

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no one lists pistons for my ol wing. will 84 1200 or 84 1200+.25's fit?
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I think I remember reading that the 1100 couldn't be bored any bigger.
honda use to list over bore pistons for the 1100. they discontinued every one pre 84 and still sell .25 and higher for the 1200 but not he .25 or higher rings
Honda has done that with a lot of important things... The gasket sets for one!!!
They only manufacture parts for a certain amount of time them when the stock runs out that's it. Same with any manufacturer.
1200 pistons are .5 mm larger than 1100s so it could be bored to fit but whether the rest of the piston would match I don't know. I can't find specs on the wrist pin diameter and piston height from the pin center.
wont give any crap bro....any advice or help is always welcome...i tried looking for the wrist pin specs too
I have a 1200 engine I could tear down and compare with 1100 pistons if I had some extra time. I am curious about this myself.
Look at other models.
Look at crank journal diameter and journal center-line to top of piston.
Independant of what you find, you will need to resurface piston tops/crowns.
I use this site in uk its they post to usa and have a .75mm ring set for your gl1100. Give it a look. I agree with over bore in that i have been informed they cannot be bored out. Good luck
I agree with over bore in that i have been informed they cannot be bored out. Good luck
They can be bored as much as 1.0mm else Honda wouldn't have made over size pistons and rings for them.

The problem is that thirty years later the over size pistons and rings are as rare as hen's teeth.
Im sure some one has a piston that will work in your bike that was not made for it. the trick is getting the piston height & pin size correct. but you may have to cut valve reliefs in it (shone how in other blogs) google found me 2 kawasake trany bearrings that worked in my gl1000 $40.00 & 74 honda civic full ring sets also.$45.00-allso check hed gosket if it will recieve over bore.
Honda Civic CVCC.
Them Guy's use Goldwing pistons for more compression.
May be there is something there.
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