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1981 Goldwing leaking coolant!

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Hi all, new to the forum and a Goldwing newbie -
I looked at a 1981 Goldwing today, bike was in decent condition for it's age and only has 55k on the odometer.
The bike seemed cold blooded but once warm seemed to run fine. My concern was the bike is leaking some coolant. The owner reports the bike has done this for a long time and he just tops off the coolant when needed.
The leak (slow drip) is on the right side of the motor, dripping down the side of the motor, down the exhaust header stud and drips onto the exhaust. I was not able to find the source of the leak. I checked the oil and there isn't any indication any of the coolant is making it inside the motor.

I'm hoping someone can make an educated guess as to the source of the leak and a guess at the difficulty/expense of repairs. Yes, I realize my details are very vague, but any help would be appreciated!:bow:
If it's realively simple/cheap I'll probably go ahead and buy the bike since the price is pretty good on it and the owner is ready for it to go, but I am not interested in buying someone elses headache!

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Welcome to the forum.:claps:

The problem sounds like a split hose between the radiator and recovery tank.

If that's the case it's a $2 fix.
Of course you'll have to check.
I'd vote leaking O-rings in the crossover tubes.
Juess if I knew this was an election I'd have brought my voters card.:ROFL::ROFL:
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