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Funny enough but I just pulled this exact nut on my bud's '83 GL1100 this morning.

I too made a tool from a old socket and using a dremel to cut the four notches.

Getting the tool to fit the lock nut just right took me about 2hrs, let me pass the dimensions of the nut onto you so you can do it in much less time.

Center Lock nut to remove clutch center:
Outer diameter: 1.255"
Inner dia: 0.750"

Notch dims (there are 4 notches):
width: 0.241"
depth: 0.100"

Notches make a perfect "+"

There may be a special tabbed washer behind your locknut (not shown in any manuals I have, including factory). One of these tabs is bent into a notch, to prevent nut from coming off. I had to sharpen a flat screw driver and remove the rear wheel to get a hammer on it in order to bend the tab up so the nut can be removed.

As far as locking the clutch goes in order to prevent rotation when removing nut, you don't need a special tool. Use the Haynes method:
1) After pulling lifter plate and springs, put two springs and the 2 long bolts back with some washers to take place of pressure plate. Tighten the bolts down, this will lock the clutch mechanisim together
2) put the bike in first gear (not mentioned in Haynes)
3) Remove the alternator inspection nut and put a 12mm socket and breaker bar on the exposed nut. This can be used to counter the rotation of engine when removing the clutch lock nut.

Worked like a charm for me.

Good luck.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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